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Interesting Facts About Longest Stretch Limo in the World

Interesting Facts About Longest Stretch Limo in the World

Author Mary Babel

While stretch limousines have always been associated with the world’s most luxurious cars, they also boast some fascinating facts that might surprise you. Let’s dive in and explore some interesting facts about the longest stretch limo in the world.



Which Is The Longest Stretch Limo In The World?


Have you ever wondered which is the longest stretch limo in the world? Or who owns the longest-stretch limo ever made?

Well, the longest stretch limo in the world is called the “American Dream“, created by Jay Ohrberg in the 1980s for use in films.


The “American Dream” holds the Guinness World Record for the longest limo ever.

Originally measuring 18.3 meters or 60 feet, it rolled on 26 wheels and featured a pair of V8 engines at the front and rear. Ohrberg later extended the longest limo in the world to an astounding 30.5 meters or 100 feet long.


The longest limo in the world interior, known as The American Dream limo interior, includes a swimming pool inside and even a king-sized waterbed. Later, the vehicle’s owner decided to construct a helicopter landing pad, further adding to its fame, and sold it as a promotional vehicle.


However, after being used as a promotional vehicle, it was abandoned behind a warehouse in New York for years. Despite several restoration attempts, it finally found success with the help of Michael Dezer and Michael Manning, being fully restored on March 1, 2022, reclaiming its title as the longest stretch limo in the world.


American Dream American Dream – Longest limo in the world



How Safe Are Stretch Limousines?


Safety is always a top priority, especially when it comes to luxury transportation.


In 2018, a tragic accident involving a stretch limousine in New York claimed the lives of 20 people, highlighting the importance of safety regulations and proper maintenance in the limousine industry.


While stretch limousines are designed with comfort and style in mind, they also adhere to strict safety standards to ensure the well-being of passengers.


Many modern stretch limousines come equipped with seatbelts and airbags to enhance passenger safety. However, it’s essential for passengers to inquire about these safety features before booking a ride, as not all limousines may have them installed.



Are Stretch Limos Crash Tested?


One question that often arises is whether stretch limousines undergo crash testing to ensure their safety in the event of an accident.


While standard passenger vehicles undergo rigorous crash tests to meet safety regulations, the same level of testing is not always required for stretch limousines due to their specialized nature. However, reputable limousine manufacturers prioritize safety in their designs, implementing structural reinforcements and safety features to mitigate the risk of injury in the event of a collision.


Additionally, regular maintenance and inspections play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of stretch limousines on the road.





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