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New Ways to Plan Ahead with Lightning Lane Disney World

New Ways to Plan Ahead with Lightning Lane Disney World

Author Mary Babel

Disney World is a magical place, but the long wait times for rides can sometimes dampen the fun. Disney’s latest innovation is here to help you make the most of your visit. Planning your trip with Disney Lightning Lane changes in mind can transform your experience from a hectic day of standing in line to a smooth, enjoyable adventure to see new attractions at Disney World.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Lightning Lane Disney World. So, let’s delve into it:


Disney Lightning Lane Explained in Detail


What is Disney Lightning Lane?

The Lightning Lane is Disney’s new system replacing the previous FastPass+ system with the Disney Lightning pass, this new Disney World Lightning policy is offering a more flexible and accessible way to enjoy the parks.

The Disney Lightning Lane purchase will start on July 24, 2024, the Disney Genie+ service will become the Lightning Lane Multi-Pass, while individual Lightning Lane will now be known as the Lightning Lane Single Pass.


Lightning Lane Multi Pass

With Lightning Lane Multi Pass you can make up to 3 Lightning Lane selections in advance. Customize your day by choosing preferred attractions through the My Disney Experience app. Once you are at the park, you can easily redeem your selections. After enjoying your first multi pass experience in the park, you may have the option to make another selection (based on availability).

You can also benefit from photo perks, including digital downloads of selected attraction photos and videos taken throughout your day using Disney PhotoPass Service. You’ll also have access to Disney PhotoPass Lenses.


Lightning Lane Single Pass

You can also optimize your Disney adventure wiith Lightning Lane Single Pass that allows you to skip the line for one of the top attractions by securing  a time in advance. You can purchase up to 2 single passes per day, depending on availability, ensuring you maximize your enjoyment without the wait.


Note: Not all attractions have a Lightning Lane option. Check the My Disney Experience app for available rides.


How Does the Lightning Lane Work

Using the Lightning Lane is straightforward but requires a bit of planning. You can book access to the Lightning Lane passes through the My Disney Experience app. Each day, you’ll have a limited number of attractions you can reserve in advance. The key is to book early and choose your rides wisely, as popular attractions fill up quickly.


Booking Disney Lightning Pass: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Download the My Disney Experience app: Ensure it’s updated and linked to your tickets.
  • Log in early: Reservations usually opens at 7 AM, so be ready.
  • Select your ride: Prioritize high-demand rides, and use the regular standby lines for less crowded attractions.


Note: The new Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Lightning Lane Single Pass can be purchased and used starting July 24, 2024. If you’re visiting before that date, you might have access to Disney Genie+ service or can opt for individual Lightning Lane entries.


Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid overbooking rides you may not have time for, and be aware of height and age restrictions on certain attractions. It’s also important not to rely solely on the Lightning Lane passes; combine it with a well-planned itinerary.


Benefits of Using Disney Lightning Pass

The primary benefit of Disney Lightning pass is the time you save. Instead of spending hours in line, you can explore more of the park, enjoy additional rides, and make the most of your day.

During holidays and peak seasons, Disney Lightning pass becomes even more valuable as it allows you to skip the crowded lines and enjoy the most popular attractions without the usual wait.


Comparing Lightning Lane to FastPass+

While both systems aim to reduce wait times, the Lightning Lane offers more flexibility and convenience.

Unlike FastPass+, which required reservations 60 days in advance, Lightning Lane bookings can be made on the day of your visit. This change allows for more spontaneous planning and can adapt better to your day’s schedule.


Disney World Lightning Lane Cost

As for the Lightning Lane Single Pass, we expect pricing to remain consistent. However, the Lightning Lane Multi Pass might see a slight increase compared to Genie+ pricing. We do not anticipate Walt Disney World to raise prices drastically when the service switches over. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a small price bump in Disney Lightning Lane cost, which is often easily implemented when a service changes like this, but we do not expect anything too significant for now in Disney Lightning Lane cost.



Lightning Lane Disney World is designed to make your visit more enjoyable by reducing wait times and allowing you to experience more attractions. By planning ahead and using the Lightning Lane passes wisely, you can transform your Disney adventure into a seamless and memorable experience.

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